How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring


After dating for a considerable amount of time and asking for your fiance's hand in marriage from his/her parents, it is time to take your relationship to the next romantic level. However, before that, you have to stage the perfect proposal. To do that, you should buy the perfect engagement ring. Here is how you can buy the perfect engagement ring.

Several couples find it difficult to come up with a comprehensive budget. Some of them use the internet to research on the best ring size. Although online sources advice that you should not spend more than your two months' salary, the best price should be the amount you are willing to pay. With a reasonable budget, you can quickly identify an engagement ring that is within your desired price range. It will also come in handy in ensuring that the two of you start a debt-free love journey together.

Before you buy an engagement ring, it is essential to measure the ring size. You can use a string to measure the size of your fiance's finger. If you want to propose a surprise, measure while he/she is asleep. Apart from that, you can use the other rings your lover wears to get an estimate of the size. Taking the measurements will save you from embarrassment. Moreover, it will save your time and money since you do not have to hire a jewelry repair technician. After measuring, visit   designer jewelry stores to get the jewelry that matches that size.

Another way of buying the perfect engagement ring is by respecting the taste of partner. For instance, the engagement ring you buy should fit seamlessly with the personal style of your lover. This means that you ought to buy an engagement ring that is a reflection of your fiance's favorite colors. Moreover, the engagement ring you buy should match with the fabrics the apple of your eyes prefers. Visit to select a jewelry that matches your outfit.

The setting of the engagement ring is another critical consideration to make when you are shopping for an engagement ring. A good setting will protect the diamond. Furthermore, it makes the engagement ring more beautify. There are three types of settings to choose from. The prong setting is the most popular type of setting. Compared to the other settings, prong setting offers more protection to the diamond. Halo setting and bezel setting are the different types of settings.

What does your soon to be bride or bridegroom love to do? Always ask yourself this question before you buy an engagement ring. Then, proceed to purchase an engagement ring that suits his/her lifestyle. Find more information about jewelry at

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